Engagement Photos: How to Make the Most of Your Shoot!


Committing to an engagement photo shoot is ideal for many MANY reasons! First and foremost, it gets you and your fiance in front of the camera so that you get some of the "all eyes are on me" nerves out of the way for your wedding day. Engagement shoots also allow you to connect with your photographer and start to establish a relationship, plus the photos make for great wedding day decor and easily serve as the backdrop for your save the dates or invitations! Make the most of your engagement shoot by getting creative and getting in touch with your silly side!


Location is the first step when thinking about your shoot. The sky is the limit (for the most part) so don't rule out any ideas until you chat with your planner and photographer! My now-husband and I did our engagement photos at Fat Cats Arcade. We chose Fat Cats because we got engaged in the parking lot...but that's another story! Our photographer, Jewels Gray, is known for her dramatic images so having our venue be a little bit out of the box worked out perfectly. We got some seriously fun photos and used them on our guest book/gift table as easy decor!

If you're stuck as far as location goes, think about date locations that are special to you and your relationship. Where did you get engaged? Is there a hiking spot you and your fiance are obsessed with? Do you both love sports or movies or bowling? Your engagement photos are the first impression your guests get of your wedding day if you use them on your stationery or website, so try to tie in some of those details when picking your location. If you're truly stuck, ask your photographer for advice, being creative is their job!


Once location is narrowed down, it's time to start thinking about your outfits. Again, if your location is themed, you can easily tie in your wardrobe! If you're planning on getting some photos at a sporting event space, bring your jerseys for a few shots! If you're an urban couple, get dressed up and fake a night on the town! It's important to compliment one another without being TOO matchy matchy. Neutrals are always a safe option, then add in colorful or printed accessories like necklaces, shoes, and bow ties. If you need some extra inspiration, check out my Pinterest board here!

In the days and weeks leading up to your shoot, drink a lot of water so that your skin is glowing, no filter needed! You may also want to start messing around with makeup and skin care to find your best look. I also recommend that you consider getting a facial as well as professional hair and makeup, and yes, this applies to guys too! You don't have to cake on the blush and lipstick to look photo ready, but professional makeup is recommended!

Now that you're an expert, get out there and show the world your best Blue Steel!