Celebrations: The Cure for Depression?

Totally kidding here - well, sort of!

If you’ve kept up with my blog you may have read my “Shedding for the Wedding” post in which I share a little bit about my struggles with diet and body image! Often, those things stem from or are coupled with anxiety, depression, etc and so many of us deal with these things on a daily basis! I’ve often thought about my “why” when it comes to loving what I do, and I keep coming up with new realizations (the beauty of self discovery, right)?! I knew that I loved and relied on MY wedding planner during the planning process, that I love working with couples and being a source of stress relief for them, and of course, that I love all things whimsical and vibrant, but I’ve recently come to realize that there is much more to my love of all things celebratory!

Growing up, I was always begging to throw Halloween parties, baking and decorating for my family for the holidays, and buying cute Valentines for my friends. I always just assumed it was in my nature to be a party lover, but I’m starting to realize that my love of events stems from a desire to have something to celebrate! When you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, or illness, it can be incredibly helpful for your mood and motivation to have something to look forward to! Whether it was a birthday, special dinner, holiday, family gathering, etc I have always been enthusiastic and excited about events. They tend to break up the mundane and remind us that life is beautiful and worth living to the fullest!

There’s a reason people take a look at themselves and their lives at life’s big events like weddings & funerals - they remind us that love is worth celebrating every day and that there are no guarantees. Now that I have found myself working in the wedding industry, the monotony of day to day life has all but disappeared because I get to wake up and take part in festivities that bring smiles to my client’s faces! I am constantly reminded of the importance of family, friends, little moments, and of course, taking the time to celebrate them.

I absolutely adore what I do and even though I’m helping my couples and clients, they truly are helping me in return. Party on!!!


Finding things in life that keep you motivated and grounded are wonderful - but there is no substitute for professional guidance or medication! If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, please seek help.