Dealing with Illness on Your Wedding Day

After months or even years of planning, the last thing we typically prep for on our wedding day is to be sick! If you do come down with a bug before your wedding day, there are a few things you can do to prepare and make sure that none of those plans go out the window!

  1. First thing’s first, hit up the doctor’s office! Even if you think you may just be battling the common cold, it’s never a bad idea to get a second opinion when the most important day of your life is on the line! There have been plenty of times where I convinced myself I was okay and that I’d be better in a few days only to find out a week later that I have bronchitis and could have been taken some serious meds to make my recovery time much quicker!

  2. Once your medicine cabinet is fully stocked - make an emergency kit for the wedding weekend. Pack up all of the meds you’ll need for the weekend in addition to cough drops, heating and cooling pads, lots of water and electrolytes, and anything else that will help you feel a little bit better during the festivities! You should have an emergency kit of earring backs, tampons, etc regardless, but adding in some remedies for your illness will make sure you aren’t stuck at any point during the wedding wishing you could hit up Walgreens!

  3. In addition to your own prep work - prepare your support system for the added attention you may need during the wedding! Make sure your maid of honor, best man, or other trusted friend or family member has access to all of your sick goodies and emergency items! Keep in mind that you may also need some added down time that you may not have if you were feeling good on your wedding day! Alert your vendor team to any breaks you may need - they’re there to support you - not just to stick to the timeline at all costs!

  4. Finally, even though you’re over the moon excited, you may need to be a little kinder to yourself after rehearsal dinner and other wedding week activities! Make sure you have enough time to sleep, eat, and relax among all of the craziness! You’ll feel better throughout the entire weekend than if you try to push yourself to the limit every single day!

Were you sick on your wedding day or worked with clients that were? Add your tips below!