Calling All Aviation Enthusiasts!

When I’m not working at venues - I’m often touring new ones! Colorado is home to hundreds - and I mean HUNDREDS of incredible venues that each bring their own unique charm. However, every once in a while I come across one that truly blows me away and Blue Sky Aviation Gallery is one of them!


I had the pleasure of connecting with one of the team members via email and it wasn’t long before I was in the space itself getting the lay of the land! The venue is located in Englewood and right off the bat I noticed the easy drive (guests get confused, okay?), ample parking space, and beautiful views! The mounted airplane sculpture in the entrance was just a taste of what could be found inside.


The main venue space is very open and can fit up to 350 guests for a seated reception which is a fairly rare find! The modern space could remain closed off or you could open one whole wall up to the tarmac and views of the working airport! In the short time I was there, I was able to see a plane take off! As the daughter of a pilot, I have a great appreciation for the machinery, knowledge, and expertise that goes into flight!


If the main space and cocktail hour loft weren’t cool enough, the entertainment options really took this venue over the top. From flight simulators, virtual reality, and gyroscope rides to being able to listen in on the nearby air traffic control tower, guests of all ages will be more than entertained for the evening! There’s also the option to bring in one of a few planes as “decor”, whether parked out on the tarmac or in the event space itself!


Whether you love aviation, tech, science, or just playing around - this venue could be the perfect fit for your wedding! Hire the proper planning and design team and you can be sure your event will really take off! ;) Learn more about Blue Sky Gallery here.