Elopements: Go Big When Going Small!

More and more couples are choosing to opt out of having a grand wedding and have chosen to go with an elopement, mini wedding, or small get together! If you're one of these couples, using your time and money wisely will help you to put together a celebration that is just as breathtaking as a big wedding (minus the hassle of 200 guests)! A fabulous photographer and remarkable location are imperative when planning a wedding, and arguably more so when planning an elopement!

If you're totally on board but need a little help figuring out where to take your oh so important elopement photos, don't worry! Kaitlin Shea Weddings has got you covered with a few unbelievably gorgeous (and cost effective) ideas!

Garden of the Gods Park

If you need more inspiration, I'm happy to help! Shoot me an email and we can get started on the dreamy elopement (or mini wedding) you've always wanted! <3