Daisy & Jeff's Thornton Elopement

The world of events is fast paced, but nothing compared to the timeline we were on for Daisy & Jeff’s elopement! Daisy reached out to me just a few weeks before her in-home elopement in Thornton so as soon as we got off the phone, we got to work! Not only were we on a short prep timeline, but Daisy and Jeff wanted to do their wedding on Easter weekend. Luckily, Colorado vendors love what they do and wasted no time joining in on the celebration. Before long we had assembled our full team, finalized a design, and formulated our day-of timeline!

Daisy and Jeff’s day started with Daisy and her two girls getting hair and makeup done - with a little snacking in between! The two had provided a few snack trays for their kiddos and guests and brought in a beautiful cake from The Treatery that was simple but absolutely gorgeous! After a few short hours, the ceremony site was set, everyone was dressed to the nines, and the guests were ready to begin! The two shared their own vows (with a few tears shed) and were married by their family pastor.

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After the ceremony and a few family photos, the two signed their marriage license and popped the bubbly! Jeff took a few moments to toast to his new bride and to thank everyone for coming. After expertly cutting the cake, everyone grabbed a quick bite before hopping into the car and heading to a nearby park for some beautiful outdoor photos. When they arrived back home, they were greeted by their limo and after a quick wardrobe change, the newlyweds spent the rest of the evening enjoying dinner at Shanahan’s in Denver!

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Elopements and mini weddings like this one are just as breathtaking and ceremonious as big celebrations and I am so honored when I am asked to be a part of them! Congratulations to Daisy & Jeff, wishing you a lifetime of joyous celebrations with your family, the love you share is beautiful!

You can see Daisy & Jeff’s highlight film here!

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