Alternative Wedding Entertainment

If you have been to more than one wedding in your lifetime, you’ve probably already started to notice a few trends. The white ballgowns, the stressed out maids of honor, and the (often) lack of captivating entertainment. I love a good photo booth as much as the next girl, but guests are starting to want something a little more unique! There are companies like Shutterbus that are flipping the script and *killing it, but if you want something different ENTIRELY, check out vendors like Abigail of Abigail Mott Poetry!

I Do.jpg

Abigail is an old fashioned typewriter loving poet who offers on the spot poetry to couples and their guests! “Abigail Mott Poetry engages, entertains, and provides personalized poems written on a vintage typewriter. The sound of the clicking keys draws a crowd. Guests request their topics and carry away meaningful memories and authentic experiences.”


I had the pleasure of running into Abigail twice, once at a wedding industry event at the beautiful Oxford Hotel, and again at Denver Startup Week’s Opening Party! Although I hadn’t seen her in about 6 months, I immediately recognized her and knew who she was because the experience she provided the first time I met her was so memorable! She provides the kind of entertainment that your guests will fall in love with and remember forever, plus, the poems can double as a wedding favor and save you a little dough! ;)

Wedding Day-1.jpg

Whether you are having an intimate gathering or a grand event, Abigail will treat each guest with care and will provide them with a personal piece of art that they will carry with them long after your wedding! I’m not saying you have to nix that photo booth idea completely, let’s face it they make for some dynamite photos, but why not throw in a surprise wedding entertainment as well! You’ll have the wedding of the year and a poem of your own to read again and again when you’re reminiscing about your wedding day!

For other unique entertainment ideas, send me an email at! <3