The Road to Kaitlin Shea Weddings

My parents always tell me that the older you get, the faster time passes. Since I'm only in my 20s and time ALREADY seems to be flying by, that makes me a little nervous! One minute I was proposed to by my high school sweetheart and the next I'm the owner of a wedding planning company! Although the time seems short, the learning experiences were plentiful.

After my now husband and I got engaged, my first thought was "I need to hire a planner!" Lucky for me I found the perfect one at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show. I thought she was THE coolest person I had ever met, and she helped inspire my initial interest in wedding planning. After educating myself a little bit further through PlannersLounge, I dove right in! I worked at David's Bridal, then at a bridal salon in Cherry Creek while trying to land an internship with planners in Colorado!

When I did finally land an internship and later a job with a planning company in the Denver/Littleton area, I was over the moon! Over the next two years, I learned the ups and downs of the wedding industry, from picture perfect couples to bride and groomzillas (yes they exist), and rustic venues to downtown hot spots. I fell in love with the industry and knew that I had made the right decision in pursuing a career! I am now over the moon yet again, but with excitement to work with more amazing couples and vendors in Colorado!

What I learned along the way:

1. Each couple is dramatically different, and each wedding is an entirely new experience.

2. Weddings can be dreamy, or magical, or over the top beautiful, but it's the marriage that should be the focus from the start.

3.  Having a support system is important whether you're a bride, groom, or planner!

4.  Creativity is a must! The traditions of the wedding day don't have to be followed to a tee, and the couple should feel more than a little excited with each decision they make!

I am so grateful for all of the people and experiences that have brought me to Kaitlin Shea Weddings! Life. Is. Golden. <3