Breaking the Mold: Creative Wedding Attire!

The wedding industry has seen one tradition after the next thrown out the window. From trading in the cake for a dessert table to tossing the idea of a wedding party entirely, today's couples are consistently challenging the norm. As a self proclaimed fashion enthusiast, one of my favorite recent trends is the use of non-traditional wedding attire! Whether you're a bride, groom, or wedding party member, here are some oh-so-fabulous ideas for mixing up your wedding wardrobe!

Florals (and other patterns)!

Draw inspiration from your centerpieces and other floral elements in your wedding! If you're using a pattern other than floral, you can draw inspiration from your stationery, linens, and venue!

Bright Colors!

A little color goes a long way, so pick a few ways to incorporate your favorite tones and balance them out with more muted colors.

Dark Tones!

If you never pictured yourself as a vision in white, this option is perfect for you! Again, a little goes a long way so balance out the dark elements with other colors!

Other Ways to Mix It Up!

Your wedding day look should be whatever you want it to be, so feel free to add color, texture, and pattern! You should feel comfortable but fierce on your wedding day so get inspired, get creative, but most importantly get out there and start shopping!